Michiel Huijben

My parents’ house
2013 & ongoing

A ongoing research into the history of a rather inconspicuous family home in the Netherlands; a typically Dutch semi-detached bungalow-style house - the kind that the Netherlands has millions of.

This is the home that I grew up in and that my parents built themselves in 1974 on land that my grandfather gave to them. Over the years the internal structure and make-up of this house has changed drastically: walls have been torn down and built back up; rooms have been added for the coming of a new family member and later renovated or completely removed. The house has grown with the family and has become somewhat of an 'existential timeline': every major event in the life of the family can literally, symbolically or otherwise, be deduced from the structure of the home.

The knowledge that this 70s architecture has largely defined the architectural face of the Netherlands and yet is mostly ignored by architectural historians and theorists (because it is ugly, boring and/or bourgeois) led me to start this research.


Installation view of Introduction to My parents' house at De Ateliers, Amsterdam